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Former Jewish Producer For 'The View' Gives Her Take On Whoopi Goldberg's Comments

Former Jewish Producer For ‘The View’ Gives Her Take On Whoopi Goldberg’s Comments

Whoopi Goldberg has had quite a week. After she said that the Holocaust wasn’t about race on her show ‘The View’, which left the other hosts speechless, she then apologized. Alright, we understand Whoopie. We all make mistakes and you said something you probably didn’t know.

However, she then went on Stephen Colbert’s show and doubled down hard. Not only did she repeat her exact same points, but she also ended the interview with, “I’ll have to take your word for it.” You’ll take our word for it that the Holocaust was about exterminating an entire race of people? Okay, thanks…

Former Jewish Producer For ‘The View’ Gives Her Take On Whoopi Goldberg’s Comments

This caught the attention of everyone, but also a former producer for the show who happens to be Jewish. Daniella Greenbaum wrote a long post about the situation and said that she appreciated the apology and felt it was sincere, except hours later she saw Whoopie double down on her original statements.

Greenbaum says her comments “reflect a disturbing ideology that is growing increasingly rampant: a concerted effort to rewrite the history of the Jewish people and render the nature of antisemitism as nebulous and as nonspecific to Jews as possible.”

She also reflected back to an episode in 2019 when an antisemitic attack happened in New Jersey, killing three people. The attackers were black, though you wouldn’t know from the video. However, Joy Behar immediately pinned it on white nationalists. Greenbaum wrote that “anything that suggests otherwise runs contrary to our conception of race…

While it appears that Greenbaum likes Whoopie and respects her, she wishes that she could have whispered in her ear at that moment and told her to stop. Greenbaum worries that the network and show missed a genuine opportunity to address the issue. While suspending Goldberg is a meaningful step, it doesn’t address why she said what she did or why so many people believe her to be correct.

What do you think? Should Whoopie have been suspended longer or even at all and should they discuss it when she returns correctly? Let us know in the comments below.

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