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Criminal Battery Charges Likely to be Filed Against Kanye West

It looks like Kanye West’s name calling battle with Pete Davidson may become the last thing on his mind soon enough. Police have reportedly almost completed their investigation into the battery case against the singer and will very shortly be sending off their finding to the L.A. City Attorney’s Office.

Their findings are not in Yeezy’s favor.

For those who missed this particular chapter in the ‘Kanye is Losing It’  story being played out very publicly right now, back in January the Donda creator was greeted by a small group of fans outside of Soho Warehouse. When Kanye asked they take no photos or ask for autographs, the group complied and even commiserated with Ye about the hard time he’s going through with the break up of his marriage.

Criminal Battery Charges Likely to be Filed Against Kanye West

It was this empathy that apparently enraged the rapper who then struck one of the members of the group twice- once in the head, another time in the neck.

Of course, these days, everything is filmed and, though Kanye was “too busy” to be interviewed by police, between the group’s video evidence and witness statements, along with paparazzi evidence, police believe there is more than enough for the attorney’s office to press criminal charges against the billionaire.

A video showing the aftermath of the attack was released by TMZ and is surely part of the evidence. Though it doesn’t capture the actual assault, it shows the victim laid out on the pavement while Kanye rages at ‘his people’.

Witnesses can be heard asking “Why did he just do that? What is wrong with him?” Just before the video ends a person, maybe the victim, asks, “Can you please call the cops?”

The victim did take himself to a local hospital. It has been reported he received a broken nose for his troubles..

The L.A. City Attorney has 3 options when it comes what they plan to do in this case — file charges, reject the case, or host an informal hearing with the parties involved where certain conditions may be imposed in order for the case to be resolved. Condition in this kind of assault usually include things like attending anger management classes.

We have a feeling there might be a cheque that accompanies a possible dismissal…with a lot of 0’s

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