1982 Animated Film ‘The Last Unicorn’ Getting Live-Action Remake

A lot of Gen-Xers and Xennials alike will remember the 1982 animated movie The Last Unicorn based on the Novel by Peter S. Beagle. We remember how Amalthea suddenly discovered that she was the last of her kind and had to essentially become a woman in order to bring all of the Unicorns back from the sea where the villain, The Red Bull, had banished them to.

Well, it looks like this old classic will be getting the live-action treatment now, at least according to the author. Yup, that’s right the author is still around and has lived to see his work be adapted into not just one film now, but two, and there’s even going to be a stage musical!

…A What?

Yes, you heard us correctly, there is going to be a Last Unicorn live-action stage musical. According to Beagle himself, Fergie (of Black Eyed Peas fame) has been tapped to do the music for both the stage musical and the live-action remake.

1982 Animated Film ‘The Last Unicorn’ Getting Live-Action Remake

Of course, considering what we’ve heard out of Fergie in the past decade she isn’t really the first person that comes to mind when one thinks about doing music for something as iconic as The Last Unicorn, but it wasn’t really a film known for its music anyway.

Yes, there were songs, but the title song “The Last Unicorn” and Almathea’s song “Now that I’m a woman” weren’t exactly chart-toppers, even back in the day. (No disrespect, it was just a different time.)

Of course, you know that this new iteration of the film is not only going to receive a musical makeover, but it is also going to receive the top-of-the-line CGI treatment as well – or at least we hope it’ll be top of the line. Some of us are skeptical about how that will actually go, all things considered.

After all, its going to take one hell of a studio to be able to pull off Almathea’s unicorn form and the red bull respectively, and convincingly. There is also other creatures in the story, like the Harpy, that might suffer at the hands of the wrong kind of CGI.

But Beagle didn’t say much about the two projects except for who had been tapped to do the music. We’ll see what this holds. Stay tuned!!!

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