Youtuber-Turned-Boxing Sensation Jake Paul BLASTS the Island Boys As “Punks” After They Walked Off Logan Paul’s “Impaulsive” Podcast: “I Would’ve Smacked the Sh** Outta Them!”

Last week, the Island Boys walked off the Impaulsive Podcast with Logan Paul last week, after things got heated between them and one of the co-hosts, George Janko. They were mid-production when Janko said something that one of the boys deemed not okay and told him to “Leave it alone” but Janko didn’t realize it was as sensitive a subject as it was, and kept on about it.

It was then that one of the boys stood up and told him, “I’m thugging! I was just f***in’ with you at first–” to which Janko replied, “I’ve never stopped f***ing with you.” indicating that whatever he was saying was a joke, but apparently there was no resolution and the rappers ended up walking off the podcast.

Jake Paul calls out the Island Boys

Jake Paul, brother of Logan Paul, had some things to say about them afterwards, and it went a little something like this. “They’re punks.”

That’s right, the head punk himself called out the Island Boys for exactly what they were, punks. He went onto say, “I think they’re entertaining, and I follow them. I love to see the stupid s*** that they say, but they’re punks.” he continued with, “When he stood up to George, and said ‘I’m thugging’, like, you know what that means?” he then went onto bodyshame the Island Boys by saying that they weighed ‘like 90 pounds’. (Being a pro boxer, he has a point though.)

He then said that it took a real punk to try and step to George Jenko, whom he called “the nicest guy in the world.” that kind of compliment coming from Jake… well… we’ll take it for what it’s worth.

Then he went onto say that if he had been there he would have “smacked the s*** out of them”. That’s one Jake Paul fight that sounds pretty entertaining, Jake Paul vs. the Island Boys, it would be funny to watch him take on both at once, not because it would be a fair fight but simply because it could be marketed as a comedy special.

I’m sure a lot of people would tune in to see how hard the Island Boys would “thug” at Jake Paul if he ever went full on MMA on them, I know I would. Stay tuned!!!

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