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Notorious Millionaire-Turned-Murderer, Robert Durst Dies in Prison

Notorious Millionaire-Turned-Murderer, Robert Durst Dies in Prison

As the world mourns “America’s Dad”, Bob Saget’s passing, fresh off the heels of pioneer actor, Sidney Poitier’s death, fresh off the heels of another pioneer and actor, Betty White’s passing another, more infamous celeb passed away today.

However, Robert Durst isn’t receiving the tributes ad outpourings of grief and love as his millionaire counterparts, and here’s why.

Durst, who inherited millions from his real estate family was the subject of HBO’s The Jinx, gaining infamy after three people close to him died. In a moment that shocked everyone during the docu-series, Durst, off-camera but still on a hot mic muttered, “What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course.”

Notorious Millionaire-Turned-Murderer, Robert Durst Dies in Prison

Though his lawyers tried to argue that Durst’s comments were heavily edited, his words ultimately lead to Durst’s arrest and conviction for the 2000 murder of a longtime friend and confidante, Susan Berman, in her Los Angeles-area home in 2000.

Durst wrote a “cadaver note” that pointed police to find Berman’s body before fleeing to Galveston, Texas. Disguised as a mute woman, Durst lived in a shabby apartment and made friends with his across-the-hall neighbor, Morris Black.

Shortly after Durst’s arrival in Texas, Mr. Black was found, hacked to pieces, and dumped in Galveston Bay. Durst stood trial for Black’s murder but his millions of expendable dollars paid for the country’s best lawyers who got Durst off, claiming self-defense when his gun went off in a struggle with Black.

Prosecutors say the murder of Berman wasn’t Durst’s first. His UCLA buddy was murdered by Durst because she knew he’d murdered his wife, Kathie McCormack.

McCormack “disappeared” in 1982 and was officially declared dead in 2017.

Durst was soon to be tried for the murder of McCormack but died in a state prison hospital facility before the trial could begin.

After several delays thanks to Durst’s legal team and the Covid-19 pandemic, Durst was only sentenced—to life in prison—on October 14. By then he was diagnosed with bladder cancer and two days after his conviction he was hospitalized with COVID-19.

The 72 year old’s cause of death is listed as “natural causes due to a number of health issues”.

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