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Justin Hartley Just Shaded His Ex Chrishell Stause In The Worst Way

Justin Hartley just shaded his ex-wife, and we are not talking about his first wife, but his second wife, by suggesting that his marriage to his third wife is waaaay better. As many fans know by now, Justin was married to three different daytime television stars: Lindsay Korman, Chrishell Stause and now Sofia Pernas. Here’s what you need to know.

In a new interview with Haute Magazine, Justin said that marriage is incredible “when you are not forcing things,” meaning his marriage to Sofia must be so much easier than it was to Chrishell. Justin pulled the plug on his marriage to the former ‘Days of Our Lives’ star back in 2019, leaving her absolutely blindsided at the time.

Justin Hartley Just Shaded His Ex Chrishell Stause In The Worst Way

Justin put it this way, ““It’s incredible when you’re not forcing things. It doesn’t have to be that hard. You just meet the right person and you just go, ‘Oh, this is amazing. It’s just so wonderful!’ You’re so attracted and so attached to this person. You just love this person so much.”

Justin and Sofia tied the knot earlier this year after just one year of dating. The couple began their relationship during the lockdown months of early 2020 but were spotted for the first time in May of that year.

“We got married in March, and we are so happy,” he shared. “Even though we’ve only been married a few months, it’s hard to remember what it was like without her.”

And while it took some time for Justin and Sofia to realize that they were meant for one another, the couple had actually met while they were co-stars on “The Young and the Restless” many years back.

“When I re-met her, I just knew,” Hartley recalled to Haute Living. “It’s so interesting about the human heart and human mind. It’s not a codependency; I’m just at peace with myself. I feel loved and I feel appreciated. I know she feels the same way.” He added, “We just have a really great relationship and a really terrific family. It’s healthy and it’s wonderful.”

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