‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Fans Fear For Demi Burnett, Cutting Herself Off After Public Emotional Breakdown: “Please Don’t Text Me”

Bachelor In Paradise has had several returnee stars over its 7 seasons and one who has proved both popular and polarizing is Demi Burnett.

Now the 26 year old from Texas is worrying fans with a very public confession that she is “having an emotional breakdown every few hours.”

Taking to Instagram on New Years Day, Demi was both candid and raw, speaking out about her mental state. Along with an unfiltered photo of just the top part of her head, the reality TV star wrote: “This is gunna be the hardest thing to ever post and I’m so embarrassed but imma be real. My ego is livid. Happy New Year this is me 24/7 I’m not doing anything to envy I’m not “happy” I’m not social. I’m constantly thinking and crying and trying to figure everything out.”

‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Fans Fear for Demi Burnett, Cutting Herself Off After Public Emotional Breakdown: “Please Don’t Text Me”

The caption went on, “Countless hours blaming myself for everything that’s caused pain. I haven’t had a sip of alcohol in 5 months. I’m talking to a psychiatrist on Monday. I’m having an emotional breakdown every few hours. I’m feeling pretty shit/overwhelmed most of the time. BUT I KNOW I AM GROWING EVEN IF IT HURTS IT IS WORTH IT ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥”

Her candor continued, “Please don’t text me saying I need to get out more. I know u mean well but it’s not helpful and it makes me feel ashamed. This version of me (the one who stays in and avoids people) is who I have suppressed my entire life. I find comfort in exploring my head so much that it’s my preference to be alone. I can only ever truly be myself when I am alone. No more camouflage.”

While fans fear for Demi, others see it as a good sign that she is admitting her fragile state and making herself accountable by making it public. Others saw something along these line coming, believing the Demi they see on television had to be a caricature, especially during her last appearance on Bachelor in Paradise.

Those who have watched Demi since her appearance on season 23 of The Bachelor where she vied for Colton Underwood’s heart as a 23-year-old noticed the change in her persona. Known for being a go-getter, frank and fierce, fans scratched their heads as Demi became egotistical yet thirsty in her most recent turn on the television.

We didn’t need Taylor Nolan and her psychobabble “emotional intelligence” to see Demi was covering some serious insecurities.

Many of Demi’s Bachelor Nation co-stars reached out her with Natasha Parker, who shared the Mexican beach with Demi this summer, offering a friendly shoulder and Amanda Stanton, who has also appeared on both the Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, letting Demi she’s not alone with having such thoughts.

Meanwhile, Jesenia Cruz, who was also with Demi in Mexico and Natalie Joy, the current girlfriend of Bachelor alum, Nick Viall both tried to cheer Demi up by letting her know how amazing she is and that they love her.

While it is sad to see Demi struggling currently, it is a positive step forward as Demi is forced to face her true self. We only hope she does seek help and gets back to being her cheerful self.

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