‘The Bachelorette’: How ‘The Other Woman’ Will Become A Part Of Hannah Brown’s Family

The Bachelorette’ can be known to be full of romance, enduring relationships (when compared to The Bachelor) and sparkly diamonds. It can also be known to be a hot mess express. It’s the latter that Bachelorette, Hannah Brown experienced after choosing Jed Wyatt to receive her final rose at the end of season 15.

‘The Bachelorette’: Bless This Mess Indeed

Shortly after Jed and the Bless This Mess author got engaged (and not before Jed serenaded Hannah one last time- red flag, much?), it was discovered he had a girlfriend whom he’d traveled with, introduced to his family, and said “I love you “ to– fellow musician, Haley Stevens.

Hannah dumped Jed who was widely panned for coming on the show for his music career and not to fall in love. Haley also dumped Jed’s lyin’, cheatin’ no-good a$$ and moved on…to none other than Hannah’s brother, Patrick!!!!

When asked what she thought of her brother dating “the other woman”, Hannah told Us Magazine, “About his love life — I don’t choose who my brother loves and who he wants to be with. But I love him and want him to be happy.”

Welp, happy Patrick is, especially now after popping the question last weekend.  Haley said yes and now she and Hannah will be sisters-in-law!

‘The Bachelorette’: The Thanksgiving Dinner Table Will Never Be The Same

Hannah has been open about the struggles she and her brother have faced in their relationship and it doesn’t seem apparent that she, Patrick and Haley would be getting together for much more than big family occasions.

However, it looks like Patrick is now forever in debt to his sister. If Hannah hadn’t made the terrible decision to dump certifiable hottie and all-round nice guy, Tyler Cameron to get engaged to Jed for all of about 5 minutes, Patrick would never have met his soulmate!

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