Jake Paul Threatens Illegal Streamers With FBI, Stands To Make $4 Million Following DEVASTATING Tyron Woodley KO

Jake Paul is slated to make up for $4M in his most recent fight, but only if everyone cooperates and coughs up the money. His guaranteed earnings stand at $1.5M, but if everyone played nice and paid the $60 that is being charged for this fight, then he would make a cool $4M.

So, like the manly man that he is, he leveled a threat towards those who illegally streamed his content. He said that he would be sending the FBI after people who illegally streamed content from him and went onto mock said streamers, then told them that they would be “in jail” for the rest of their life “all because they didn’t want to pay $60 for a fight.”

Jake Paul threatens illegal streamers with FBI

He also said that he and the FBI were friends now… I’m not sure that having your house searched for illegal weapons by the FBI counts as the beginning of a beautiful friendship but when it comes to being in a position of high profile like Jake Paul, it’s always helpful to be on the law’s good side, especially when he’s also going around on promotional interviews about this fight trashing Justine Paradise, the tiktokker who alleges that Jake Paul raped her in a very detailed video a few months back.

Jake Paul is saying that the story is completely fabricated and that he feels that she was paid to say that she was sexually assaulted by him.

So far, nothing has come of it legally, but often, victims tend to fall into a narrative where they are bullied, harassed, and discredited, so they give up as perfectly illustrated by Demi Lovato who said that when she was sexually assaulted by one of her co-stars on a Disney movie she was in, that she was not believed and therefore ultimately gave up trying. Sad, but true fact.

There is also the fact that Jake Paul is worth millioins and Justine Paradise is virtually unknown outside of tiktok, so it’s also a question of having enough resources to pursue a case like this. Still, it’s interesting that Jake Paul feels he needs to invoke the law when he’s danced on the edge of it so many times. Stay tuned!!!

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