Jake Paul BLASTED For “Clout Chasing” After Recent Comments About Olivia Rodrigo Enflames Fans

Recently, when asked about her time working with Jake Paul on Bizaardvark a few years ago, Olivia Rodrigo stated, “God, my publicist would not like me saying this, but he was really nice to me.” apparently, when it came to Olivia, Jake was on his best behavior and didn’t show her the bad boy he could really be.

Then again, this was pre-youtube and whie he was still working for Disney so he had a semblance of a facade to keep up back then. Hard to believe that was just a little more than half a decade ago now.

Jake Paul’s comments about Olivia Rodrigo enflames fans

Jake Paul responded to her comments by saying that even when he knew her he was telling her that she was going to sell out stadiums, “You’re the next Selena Gomez.” he told her, and he even repeated as such in the interview.

He even now has in his bio “Olivia Rodrigo #1 fan” but a lot of his own fans are not having it and think that Jake is just clout-chasing as per usual and doesn’t really mean what he’s saying, even though Olivia practically backed up all of his statements to begin with.

One fan even commented, “Naahh stay away from her!” honestly with the things that have come out about Jake Paul, we kind of agree with that comment.

So far, Olivia has not directly responded to Jake, and chances are she won’t. It seems that her publicity team knows that anything to do with Jake Paul is a whole dumpster fire waiting to happen and they’re not on board for it.

We can see why they wouldn’t be simply because he’s gone from safe, boy-next-door Disney star to hardcore boxer who was raided by the FBI for really nefarious things and who just made threats against illegal streamers. So… yeah we can see why Olivia’s team wouldn’t want her to have anything to do with that, and we can also see why her fans are uber protective of her.

We don’t think the world at large has anything to worry about because so far, it looks like Olivia and Jake do not run in the same circles – thank God for that. Stay tuned!!!

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