Sophie Turner ROASTS Hubby Joe Jonas Over Purity Ring Past

On a Netflix roast of the Jonas Brothers’, Sophie Turner went to town on hubby Joe Jonas for his purity ring past. We all remember the mid 00’s, how popular the Jonas Brothers’ were with the teen scene and how they proudly displayed their purity rings for all to see, proudly proclaiming their meaning and vowing to stay pure until their wedding night – which won them a lot of fans in the very conservative Disney/Youth Group crowd, let me tell you.

However as the decade wore on, we heard less and less about these purity rings and it would seem that somehow… they got misplaced. Somewhere, along the way… I’m sure they just fell off at a concert somewhere. Ahem.

Sophie Turner roasts hubby Joe Jonas over purity ring past

Sophie Turner seemed to have all the tea associated with these purity rings though, because she said that back then the purity rings were about a statement of faith, and setting an example, and they weren’t just metal rings that hubby Joe was sticking his fingers in, “He was sticking his fingers in co-stars, and maybe a few supermodels as well!”

Please Sophie, continue to spill the tea. We love to see it. 

Though one wonders what on earth Demi Lovato was thinking when that clip aired. Simply because Demi Lovato insinuated that on one of her first movies she was with a male co-star who sexually assaulted her when she was 15, and she was part of this whole “Purity ring” crowd too, but, much like the Jonas Brothers’ it would seem that hers eventually fell off as well.

In her documentary, Dancing with the Devil, Demi addressed that this was part of the reason she turned to using substances in the first place because no one believed her when she spoke up and told them that she was assaulted.

Now, we never got any confirmation on who the male co-star actually was, but we do know that for awhile there he and Demi were an item, so one wonders if Sophie Turner knew about that particular passage in the documentary when she made the roast. However, this is Netflix and as it were, comedy is comedy, so the record will probably stand. Stay tuned!!!

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