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Zayn Malik

RHOBH: Zayn Malik DROPPED By Record Label Following Claims He Violently Hit Gigi’s Mom Yolanda Hadid

Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik has reportedly been dropped by his record label (RCA) following the claims that he had struck his ex-partner Gigi Hadid’s mother, Yolanda Hadid

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: Zayn Malik Has Reportedly Been Dropped By His Record Label Following Claims He Hit Yolanda Hadid

Zayn, for his part, denied that he had hit Yolanda. While this was the case, he decided to not contest the charges in order to protect his daughter from unnecessary media attention. According to reports, though, he has now been put on probation.

And yet, this has not stopped things from dying down. Zayn’s decision to release his two new singles from his album ‘Yellowtape’ last month was a surprise. But the hype around it has gone in light of this news. 

A source told The Sun the following: “A lot of people have tried desperately to get Zayn’s life and career back on track…A while ago, his label quietly decided it was the end of the line for their relationship, and now this.”

Things are looking very bleak for Zayn, and this news only goes on to show that he and Gigi will not be getting back together. After all, the damage has been done.

It is also stressed that Zayn lashed out at Gigi over her failure to support him during his feud with Yolanda. It is claimed that he told Gigi the following: “Strap on some f****** balls and defend your partner against your f****** mother in my house.”

That is why Yolanda can no longer backtrack on the claims. Not only that, but Zayn has continued to deny that he did such a thing. 

Despite the uncertainty over Zayn’s life, he is determined to work with Gigi to put his daughter first. A source told People magazine the following: “They are not together right now.

“They are both good parents, though. They co-parent. Yolanda is, of course, very protective of Gigi. She wants the best for her daughter and grandchild.”

Zayn will certainly have a lot to say on this matter, and his music will most likely be the way that he expresses himself. With that in mind, we can expect new material from him at some point in the future. 

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