Mr. Beast Initiates ‘Real Life’ Squid Game For $450,000 In New Youtube Video

For the past week we’ve been talking about it but now Mr. Beast has finally dropped the infamous Squid Games video that costed $3M to make, according to Mr. Beast himself. Just like the Netflix series they started off with 456 people and right out of the gate over 200 people were eliminated right off the bat when they played red light green light, yes, complete with the creepy giant animatronic doll that Mr. Beast had built specifically for the occasion.

People had previously been scared that Mr. Beast was actually going to be ending lives in this video but nope – instead he had devices strapped to the contestants that made a minor, obviously non-fatal explosion when they were eliminated. (Although some people did keel over for dramatic effect.)

Mr. Beast Squid Game video drops

Of course it wouldn’t be a youtube video without a sponsorship deal and Mr. Beast said that some of the video was paid for by Brawl Stars, an online game and yes they got their very own part of the challenge where 14 people were eliminated at once – all those pops at the same time.

Yike! Then came the scariest and most intense part of the challenge and that was the glass bridge where people had to jump the tiles until they reached the other side. This was particularly scary because it looked like people literally jumped to their deaths for a moment but Mr. Beast assured us that the contestants had just dropped into a foam pit down below. Whew!

Then it came down to the part where they played actual “squid game” but since no one was Korean no one knew how to actually play OG squid game so it ended up being a battle of musical chairs which was a little disappointing but for the video’s sake it would take a lot longer to teach someone to play a game they had never heard of rather than adapting one they already knew how to play.

In the end it was contestant 079 that ended up winning $456,000.00 which he got to break open with a sledge hammer. The runner up won $10K for getting as far as he did. Mr. Beast also said that any new subscribers within the next 7 days have a chance at winning $10K as well, so may the odds be ever in your favor we suppose. There were no fatalaties but we’ll keep an eye on whomever wins that $10K. Stay tuned!!!

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