I Love a Mama’s Boy: What Happened To Laila, The Demon Lady?

We have seen some strange pairs on I Love a Mama’s Boy and some of the mothers are very controlling of their sons. One of the mothers, Laila is so disliked by viewers that she has gained the nickname, ‘demon lady’. This is the second season that we have seen her with her son, Shebek and his girlfriend, Emily. Emily has shown viewers that she is working really hard to keep her relationship afloat, but it is tough with Laila always around. Laila treats Emily horribly because of her love for her son, but will Emily be able to take it? Will Emily put Laila in her place?

I Love a Mama’s Boy: Laila and Emily’s Relationship

Laila has been rude to Emily from the start. She is verbally abusive towards her and the last time we saw them together, Laila called her a pig! Not every woman would put up with this to keep her man by her side, but Emily has. Laila’s behavior got much worse when Emily and Shebek told her that they were intending on moving in with one another. This really set Laila over the edge and she couldn’t take it! What will happen this season?

I Love a Mama’s Boy: The Demon Lady

On this season of the show, Laila thinks that Emily and Shebek are taking a break from one another, but he ends up going out with her instead of friends, like he told his mother. He wants to try and get Laila to like Emily after all that they have been through together. Shebek even suggests that Emily buys her a gift to help open up her heart and Emily agrees.

The gift really didn’t impact Laila at all. She was so rude to Emily, once again and all Emily wanted was an apology for what she called her and the abuse she has thrown at her. Emily wants to move forward with her, but Laila will not budge. She continues to push her and push her and expect things to work. They are not working for Emily right now and she has met her wit’s end. Now it looks like fans of the show are tired of Laila and are ganging up on her on social media.

Twitter users started in on her saying, “Did Miss Laila actually have the gall to say that Emily was whining and complaining?!!! If this ain’t the pot calling the kettle black. It amazes me how you can talk so much crap about somebody about the same thing you do.” Another chimed in, “Wait, now Laila doesn’t want Emily to cry? You called her a pig, Laila! You’re a demon lady!”

Tune into TLC to see what happens next on I Love a Mama’s Boy.

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