I Love a Mama’s Boy: Is It Canceled?



TLC has brought us some crazy shows and one of them is I Love a Mama’s Boy. This show is all about how close a relationship can be between a mother and her son. Some of these relationships are downright bizarre.

The show also focuses on the girlfriends and wives in the relationships with these men and how they get through their bonds with their mothers. Fans of the show are curious if there will be a season three and if so, when will TLC tell us?

I Love a Mama’s Boy: A New Season

TLC has a way to keep fans hanging on until almost the very last minute to see if there is a new season of our favorite shows coming on. Fans want more after the way the second season ended with Shekeb and Emily trying to fix their relationship problems again.

I Love a Mama’s Boy: Is It Cancelled?

They want to give things another go, but his mother, Laila is really getting in the way. Laila and Emily have gone at it plenty of times over the way that Laila treats her son. Shekeb ended up giving her a promise ring, but she threw it at him in anger. This made fans concerned about what is next for the couple.

We saw Mike and Stephanie in Los Angeles and no matter what his mother said, he made the move. It looks like the couple is not living together yet, but they are trying to make things work for them. One of the new couples, Bryan and Tracy worked together to get his mother to start dating again. Bryan didn’t like a lot of the men she has chosen and now she feels like she will be single or much longer.

Another couple that viewers want to see more of is Theous and Tia. They are another new couple that just can’t get away from his mother, Carolyn. The couple really wants some space, but Carolyn just can’t let her son go. Carolyn actually wants to move in with them!

All of these couples have shown some growth, but the mothers still don’t know when to give them space. Viewers really would like to see them again and in a new season. We will have to continue to keep an eye on TLC to see if there will be a third season of I Love a Mama’s Boy. In the meantime, you can find the couples on their Instagram accounts and perhaps they will be able to drop hints.

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