90 Day Fiancé: Is Amira Lollysa Returning On 90DF Following Andrew Kenton Disaster?

We were first introduced to Amira Lollysa and her ex-boyfriend, Andrew Kenton on 90 Day Fiancé. The couple struggled on meeting up with one another and Amira even got detained at the airport in Mexico when she tried to go meet him. Their relationship seemed very strange and eventually, they did call it quits. Now it looks as if Amira is back in America and her fans noticed that she had gone to Las Vegas.

90 Day Fiancé: Shopping With Jess Caroline

Not only was Amira seen in Las Vegas, but fans saw her shopping with Jess Caroline. Apparently they have started to chat more and have become really good friends. It looks like Jess isn’t the only person she’s hanging out with though. She has also been seen with an American man. Could this be her new love interest?

90 Day Fiancé: Will Amira Lollysa Be On Another Season?

Amira has posted before that she is dating someone and she has kept his face out of her posts on social media, but hinted that they had been traveling together and she was happy that she got to go to Las Vegas to see him once again.

In fact, a source that is very close to her told In Touch magazine she is “completely” over Andrew. They also mentioned that his posts on social media are just “attempts to get her attention.” It looks like she blocked Andrew and she is not letting back into her life.

Andrew just had to share some news of his own. He made a huge post on Instagram about his feelings for her and it read, “I have not made fake profiles or anything of the sort in any attempt to get Amira’s attention or win her back. I don’t seek to reindle contact with Amira. I wish her great success and all the best in her life. I honestly wish to leave the whole 90 Day chapter in my past. But since I kindly h ave a moment of your time. I want to apologize to Amira and all viewers for any anxiety my presence may have presented. I truly wish everyone nothing but health and happiness, I have reflected abundantly on my behavior and though I am not the character concocted for entertainment, I do seek to improve and recognize there is much room for it. There is no ‘begging to get Amira back’, I wish her happiness in her future.”

You can keep up with Andrew and Amira on their Instagram accounts.

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