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‘Welcome to Plathville’: Is Max Kall’s Promise Ring To Moriah Plath Really An Engagement Ring In Disguise?

 ‘Welcome to Plathville’ Spoilers tells that Max Kall finally gave Moriah Plath the gift he had been beating around the bush about for most of season 3, a promise ring. A promise of what, exactly?

A promise to not break up with her again, he actually wants to see this through to a potential… well, we can’t really say right now other than ‘relationship’, but it’s a promise ring, not an engagement ring, so hold your horses. It was a really sweet moment, he took Moriah down the docks and gave her the little ring with the jasper stone in it.

‘Welcome to Plathville’: Telephone, tell-a-friend, tell Moriah!

As soon as it happened, Moriah trotted on off to the Plath family home to announce the happy news. It seems that Moriah just… can’t keep a secret from her family. We get it, she’s 19 and has a boyfriend and just wants to share her news with her family.

Unlike Olivia Plath, Moriah’s relationship with her family is in a very different place. She says she’s finally at a place with them, where she can share things that she’s been through without wondering if they will accept her or judge her for her choices. That’s a good thing, but she also brings up a good question – why now?

She said just three years ago, her parents would have never supported any of her decisions, so why now? Kim Plath said that when she was Moriah’s age, her own Mother would never come to her concerts and she didn’t want to be that kind of Mom for her own daughter which is understandable, you want to do better by your kids, Kim got the message… quite a few years (and probably a decade) too late. This is putting Moriah in the middle in a not-so-healthy way, but we wonder… why now?

Would Kim really be this supportive if the Plaths weren’t on TV? Are producers behind the scenes really pushing the “you need to be more supportive of your daughter” narrative to her?

We’ve heard about executive meddling on other TLC shows so it wouldn’t be all that surprising if they did it on Welcome to Plathville as well. It’s a little odd that after 3 years of pushback, suddenly they’re all accepting of Moriah… but we’ll see. Stay tuned!!!

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