‘The Bachelorette’: Clare Crawley Decides To Unfollow Dale Moss On Social Media

Clare Crawley looks to be moving on from Dale Moss already, as the duo are set to split for the second time in a matter of a year. 

‘The Bachelorette’: Clare Crawley Decides To Unfollow Dale Moss On Social Media

The pair, who had left The Bachelorette early in order to settle down, could never quite make a go of things. While they do still hold each other in high regard, it is clear that they no longer have a future together.

That is why Clare has decided to unfollow Dale on social media and remove any pictures that she had with him from her social media. Dale, though, has continued to follow Clare up until this point. 

This begs the question, what was the reason for the pair splitting up this time? Well, it looks as though they had different priorities over how they wanted to spend their life going forward.

Although they are both heavily focused on their careers, Clare wanted to settle down by walking down the aisle. Dale may have loved Clare, but this was something that he was not ready to do.

A source remarked: “They have different visions, and wedding planning wasn’t happening, which made Clare really upset. [They]will still support each other and have love for each other no matter what.”

In response, Dale has already moved into a new home to distance himself from Clare. The latter, though, is still going through a lot because her mother continues to struggle with her health in the form of having Alzheimers.

In addition, Clare has been recovering from her recent breast surgery. And yet, Dale’s wider family, including his sister Robyn Moss have supported his decision.

In a social media post, Robyn stated: “You deserve it. Huge S/O to my brother. Without his love and support, I would not be here today.”

It is clear that Clare is no longer interested in Dale, and it is best that they focus on healing from their break-up. Failure to do so will create more harm in the long run, and that is something the pair will be looking to avoid, given the pain that they have been through. 

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