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HBO Drops Massive Games of Thrones: The House of The Dragon Trailer, GOT Fans Go Wild!

Game of Thrones fans have started to rejoice this week as the new trailer of The House of the Dragon was revealed! Fans went nuts when the trailer dropped and of course, now we are all ready to see this prequel to the Game of Thrones legacy. The trailer begins with “Gods. Kings. Fire. Blood.” What’s not to love about this already?!

HBO and The Game of Thrones Legacy

George R. R. Martin has created some magical books with his Game of Thrones series. This new series is focused on the Targaryen family. This show was announced two years ago and of course, we have all been waiting so patiently for it to premiere.

HBO: The House of The Dragon Trailer

This show is based on the book Fire and Blood and it basically centers around the family. It is also set two centuries before the Game of Thrones series took place. This prequel is one to get us excited about re-watching Game of Thrones.

The trailer’s most chill bringing quite is, “Dreams didn’t make us kings…Dragons did.” Of course, fans of GOT were quick to mention just how much they are looking forward to the new show. One fan wrote, “This exceeded my expectations. I can’t wait to be back in Westeros again! Fire will reign!”

Another added, “Looking forward to this. The storyline of the House of the Dragons are rich, so are all the other houses in GOT, particularly the Starks, defender of the North and its long history with The Wall, that is rich in traditions and heroes.” One more added, “Not gonna lie, that Targaryen dragon armor looks good.”

The cast of The House of the Dragon looks like one for the books too. We will see this impressive cast: Matt Smith, Paddy Considine, Steve Toussaint, Rhys Ifans, Sonoya Mizuno, and Olivia Cooke will all star in the show. Just like Game of Thrones, we will see a lot of fights, drama, dragons, romance, and family secrets and executions.

With all of this fanfare, there have been a lot of die hard GOT fans that feel that they don’t want a show dedicated to the Targaryen family. There are others that are completely onboard and can’t wait to see it.

There has yet to be a release date for the House of the Dragon, but with this trailer moving throughout social media, it seems that HBO will be airing it sooner than later. No more waiting for two years now!

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