‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Noah Erb Gives His Take On Dale Moss And Clare Crawley’s Split

Noah Erb, who is currently on Bachelor in Paradise, has given his take on Dale Moss and Clare Crawley’s split. 

‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Noah Erb Gives His Take On Dale Moss And Clare Crawley’s Split

The pair broke up for the second time after having initially reconciled. While they had apparently gotten engaged, it seems they were not able to work out their differences which had plagued their relationship the first time around.

And with both of them seemingly over, a lot has to be said about the reasons why they have split. That is where Noah came in. In a post to his fans on Instagram, he shared a picture of himself sitting in a car.

The post was captioned by the following comments: “So, I just checked my phone, and I saw some DMs and some spoiler accounts and a lot of interesting stuff swirling around.

“A lot of interesting stuff swirling around … It must be spooky season.” On reflection, there are many reasons going around as to why they have split.

First of all, it looks as though Dale did not want to get married and settle down despite Clare’s wishes. Naturally, if he did not want to commit now, then there was no chance of that ever happening.

Secondly, there was speculation that Dale may have cheated on Clare with none other than Abigail Heringer. The latter is currently on Bachelor in Paradise, but sources have stressed that they were only ever friends. 

Having said all that, Clare has had a lot to deal with, which could also explain why they broke up. Her mother is suffering from Alzheimers, and Clare has made it no secret over the pain that she is going through in watching her mother deteriorate.

In addition, she has just recently undergone breast surgery and has come to terms with her body in a way that made her happy. That is why she is just focused on herself.

Her following comments confirmed as much: “So my energy is focused on grieving, healing, and being present at home here in Sacramento while trying to share and help others going through similar life experiences as I’m sharing today.”

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