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‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Alum Chris ‘Goose’ Randone Resurfaces After Divorce

‘Bachelor in Paradise’ season seven has spawned five couples, with three of those pairings currently wedding planning and two more taking it a little slower and trying life in the real world together as a couple.

One couple from season five who decided to jump in the deep end and put a ring on it were Chris “Goose” Randone and Krystal “Vocal Fry” Nielson. The pair got engaged on the infamous Mexican beach in September 2018, married­—with ex-Bachelor host, Chris Harrison officiating—in June 2019 and announced their split in February 2020 just before the pandemic hit.

It appears, however, that lockdown did not keep Krystal down as she gave birth to a baby girl the following March. No, the father is not Chris.

‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Alum Chris ‘Goose’ Randone Resurfaces After Divorce

While Krystal was very active on social media- and elsewhere, evidentially- after the split and eventual divorce from Chris, The Goose retreated. Now, however, he is back and posted for the first time in a long time on Instagram- with a series of shots mingling with a group of Bachelor alums at a winery for Victoria Fuller’s birthday.

“Posting back on Instagram because for once I’m happy in my life again 😎,” Chris captioned the new and only post on his account.

In the comments- defending himself against trolls who asked if this was a coming out post, Chris explained further: “I forgot this is why I don’t f*** with Instagram. Being happy doesn’t mean gay. It’s called overcoming depression and anxiety.”

Though he owes an explanation to no one (and anyone imagining themselves in his shoes should be able to empathize), Chris went on say that he retreated from the world to heal after a divorce that played out throughout a pandemic, while the woman he loved was pregnant with another man’s baby.

There was definitely not enough Tiger King to get over that bullet to the heart!

Many commenters were happy to see Chris took the time away to heal with Bachelor season  24 alum, Victoria Fuller commenting, “Love this for u! Also, HBD to me.”(Anyone surprised Victoria made an emotional post all about her? Anyone…no?)

Other fans jumped into the comments to advise Goose to ignore the trolls, and one fan appreciated Chris for speaking out. “Thank you for normalizing taking the time to heal! I’m so glad you found your smile again!” they wrote.

It is great to see Chris took the time for himself. His “love story” certainly was no picnic, and definitely no paradise.

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