Tarek El Moussa Is Open To Having More Kids With Fiancé Heather Rae Young

It looks like he’s open to a new future and a bigger family. Tarek El Moussa recently admitted that he wouldn’t mind having more children now that he’s found the right woman in his life: his fiancé, Heather Rae Young. Tarek already shares two children with his ex, Christina Haack: Taylor, 10, and Brayden, 6. Here’s what you need to know.

Heather recently told ET Online that after she and Tarek got a puppy together, the couple have been talking about possibly expanding their family with another baby in their lives.

Tarek El Moussa Is Open To Having More Kids With Fiancé Heather Rae Young

“I’ve been talking about it more because, you know, I never thought I would have babies, and I never saw that in my future,” she said. “I always wanted to get married but I never knew that that would be something that I could … it just, it just seemed like I couldn’t be a mom. I just didn’t know. And so, I’m like, ‘Well, babe, what’s one more?’ You know, our life’s already crazy and, you know, maybe.”

Tarek added: “She just started hinting at this like a few weeks ago, you know, but at the end of the day, listen, she’s my wife. There’s one thing I know about children. I would never regret having a child because I love my babies so much, so if we have more kids, we have more kids.”

Heather also admitted that it was her fiancé who made her have babies on the mind.

“Now I know I can do it,” she explained. “I think there was a fear for me and, you know, raising a human is the hardest thing. And it’s hard, but I see how we parent together, we’re very parallel and he lets me parent how I want and he never micromanages anything. He trusts me 100 percent with the kids and I think having that beautiful experience with him, it makes me more open to having a baby.”

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