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NBC Days of Our Lives spoilers: Will the Truth About Jake Be Too Much For Gabi DiMera?

Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal a huge revelation coming with Jake Lambert (Brandon Barash). We mentioned before that the Fall Preview said Gabi DiMera (Camila Banus) will get the shock of her life when the truth comes out. What was it? And how does this new twist make other things make more sense? Let’s take a look.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: Murder for Hire

So, Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate Jake worked for the mob, which was no secret. However, he made it sounds more like a gopher type of situation. According to the promo, he was actually a hit man. This is a huge distinction and actually makes it more logical for him to be a DiMera. Because, let’s face it: the real family legacy is the terror and trouble brought by their patriarch. Not the company and it’s money.

According to the preview video, Gabi will learn this secret from Philip Kiriakis (Jay Kenneth Johnson). And we’re pretty sure we know how he learns this. See, Ava Vitali (Tamara Braun) overheard the plan Gabi and Jake have for Titan and called Philip. When he arrived, she said they’re plotting against him.

We’re curious as to whether she’s telling the truth or just making it up to get back at Gabi. But, if it is? She should be in a good position to know. After all, she’s a mob princess who decided to change her ways. There’s evidence, however, she she’s being honest if that revelation came from her.

Days of Our Lives spoilers: The evidence

First, Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal we first met Gwen Rizczech (Emily O’Brien), she was a mental patient who made friends with Claire Brady (Olivia Rose Keegan). However, we quickly learned she was just pretending to be crazy to shack up there a while. She was in hiding from a boyfriend, who turned out to be Jake. At the time, we found it strange that the Jake we know made her that scared. But if he was a hitman and she knew it? And he knew she stole that book? Then, it makes sense.

Also, for a guy who’d seemed to be so straight up, he definitely fell into anger and a desire for revenge after being ousted from DiMera.

Finally, there was his reaction to Gabi’s past. He seemed to take the fact she gaslit someone into a mental hospital and tried to kill a woman via an app on her phone well. Almost too casually, like her crimes are nothing compared to the things he once did. If this is true, how will it affect her relationship with Jake?

Days of Our Lives spoilers: The end?

We have a feeling there’s trouble ahead for this pair. Sure, Gabi has done some shady stuff in her past. She even killed someone. However, that murder was, from what we understand, a self-defense thing. Her crimes in the name of revenge are a far cry from killing people for money. We’re not sure Gabi will be okay with his past when she finds out. Especially if it could present problems with her co-parents and time with her daughter. Things could get worked out eventually, especially if this was all Ava’s lie. But we don’t see it being an easy road back for them.