‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ Spoilers: Kimberly Cobb and Matt McAdams – Relationship Status & Negative Comments!

TLC fans love the hit show, I Love a Mama’s Boy and the mother and son duos are pretty outlandish. There are a few cast members that fans have shown some concern about. Kimberly Cobb and Matt McAdams first appeared on the show in the first season and fans were drawn to their story. Matt is extremely close to his mother and their relationship really got to Kimberly. She thought that Matt needed to create some boundaries because his mother was getting all in their business. Kimberly needed her space and continued to try and get Matt to take a break from his mother. Did that work out?

‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’ Spoilers: The New Season

We all know that when TLC films a reality show, the time that it airs is about a year after it was filmed. This is why some fans are questioning if these two are still together. Matt did propose to Kimberly and although a lot of viewers told her that she should run far away from him, she has stayed by him. Many fans thought that Kimberley deserved a “real man”who wasn’t attached to his mother the way that Matt is.

‘I Love a Mama’s Boy’ Spoilers: Kimberley Cobb And Matt McAdams – Relationship Status

Matt noticed all of the negative comments on social media and wrote to fans, “Hey all! Thanks for watching and the good and negative comments are what make things more enjoyable or viewers! You guys all rock!” It has not been confirmed yet, but when we look at Kimberly’s Instagram profile, it does look like they have broken up.

There are no pictures of Matt on her Instagram profile and there used to be a lot! The last post that he was in was back in October of 2020 and that was to promote the first season of the show. One of her fans posted on a picture, “I can’t wait to see her dump Matt.” Kimberly then wrote back, “hahhaha you’re in for a treat! This season is wild!”

Fans have also questioned Matt’s sexuality so that has also been up for discussion. We did notice that on Twitter, in June, Matt and Kim were seen hanging out together with Kelly, his mother. They could possibly be hanging out again or still together. We will just have to watch I Love a Mama’s Boy to see what happens next. The new season is underway and you can catch it on TLC or Discovery+. You can follow Matt and Kimberly on Instagram and Twitter.

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