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Matt James

‘Dancing With The Stars’: Matt James Opens Up On Joining The Show

Matt James

Matt James may be known from The Bachelor, but he is already looking to write himself a new chapter by joining none other than Dancing with the Stars

‘Dancing With The Stars’: Matt James Opens Up On Joining The Show

Matt, for his part, has had a rollercoaster of a year. His relationship with Rachael Kirkconnell was tested to the limit when it emerged that Rachael’s social media activity was perpetuating racism.

But through it all, they stuck by each other’s side, much to the delight of Matt. In an interview with Us Weekly, Matt revealed that Rachael was excited to see him on the show. He said: “She was stoked about this opportunity for me.”

And it looks as though Matt could have an advantage compared to the other contestants. It is not that Matt has the prior dancing experience, but rather, Rachael’s sister is a dancer.

That has allowed Matt to have access to advice that he would not have otherwise had. This is something he is looking to profit from. He added: “When I come back from practice, she’s been my dance partner outside of Dancing With the Stars. I come back, and I’m trying to apply the same lessons that I learned during my rehearsals. She’s whipping me into shape.” So is there a real chance that Matt could walk away as a winner?

Well, from a dancing perspective, he is not going to be the favourite. After all, some of the contestants who are in line to take part in this season have danced before. Take for example JoJo Siwa.

Having said all that, it will also be a question of whether the public will be able to connect with Matt. He did divide the fanbase during his time on The Bachelor, despite his positive start.

Matt, though, is hoping that he can resonate with the public and walk away with the title. He continued: “Hopefully [the audience] won’t think I’m as boring as I was as the Bachelor!”

It will be fascinating to see how Matt does on the show. But given that he has extra help on offer, in the form of Rachael’s sister, he has given himself the best possible opportunity of doing well. 

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