‘The Bachelorette’: Greg Grippo Admits He Treated Katie Thurston Badly-‘I Was Ashamed’

Greg Grippo has admitted that he did not treat Katie Thurston in the best possible light during his time on The Bachelorette

‘The Bachelorette’: Greg Grippo Admits He Treated Katie Thurston Badly-‘I Was Ashamed’

Greg stormed out of the show after Katie had failed to reciprocate his feelings for him. While they did speak to each other on the season finale, both of them continued to defend each other’s conduct. And yet, after having let the dust settle down, Greg has begun to see things differently, which may suggest that he and Katie could at the very least be friends.

During an interview on the ‘’Viall Files’ podcast, Greg said: “I saw how hurt she was, and so I really tried to watch back the second time from her lens. And yeah, I mean, I was ashamed about how I reacted in those moments. She didn’t deserve it, plain and simple. It wasn’t fair to her.”

The main reason why Greg has decided to speak out has been due to the attack that has been directed against his reputation. It had emerged that Greg was attending acting classes prior to his arrival on the show. Naturally, some members of the public conflated that with his dramatic exit and felt it was all part of an act.

Although Greg denied anything of that sort, it did leave a question mark on his personality. He added: “I projected a lot on her. And it was my own fears and insecurities…you know, with what I haven’t processed… I haven’t really talked much about my dad, you know, I tried going to therapy right off the bat.”

Given that Greg had decided to leave, in hindsight, it was probably the best possible decision for him. He was clearly going through some issues, and in order to save him from further heartbreak down the line, it was better for him to take stock of his life before moving forward. Leaving, though, was still hard for him to take.

He continued: “I felt like it wasn’t going to be me in those moments. I mean, me leaving, it was one of the hardest decisions ever. I remember calling my mom.”

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