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Ashley Iaconetti 

‘The Bachelorette’: Ashley Iaconetti Thinks Blake Moynes Is ‘Crude’

Ashley Iaconetti 

Ashley Iaconetti has admitted that she is not too keen on the men that have been left on The Bachelorette

‘The Bachelorette’: Ashley Iaconetti Thinks Blake Moynes Is ‘Crude’

As Greg Grippo walked out of the show, and seemingly on his way home for good, Katie has been left with a choice between Blake Moynes and Justin Glaze. But with Katie’s own future in doubt after having requested that the producers book her flights home shortly after Greg’s departure, there is not much to fight for.

Well, at least according to Ashley. In an interview with Us Weekly, she revealed that she would not choose any of them. She said: “Honestly, like, I don’t feel it with any these guys. Blake is just a little crude for me. He’s so not my cup of tea. I don’t know. There’s just been certain conversations where it’s just, like, there’s a lack of romance there.”

Nevertheless, Ashley has backed Katie to do what is right for her. So that begs the question, who will she pick? Well, Ashley’s husband (Jared Haibon) has backed Blake to come out on top should Katie decided to continue with the show. The primary reason for this is because the producers have promised an ending unlike anything the audience may have seen before.

And with Blake, he certainly fits into that definition as he could be the first winner that was not present from the outset of the show. Jared stated: “I think if they’re saying that it’s never happened before, then my mind immediately goes to she picks to Blake. Nobody’s ever picked somebody who’s come later. That would be my gut instinct.”

Regardless of who Katie picks, she will have to win over the public. Her reaction to the manner of Greg’s departure led to some fans bashing her for stringing him along. They pointed to the fact that Katie had not made up her mind on who she wanted, as her winner, even though she was in the latter stages of the show.

In a post on Twitter, a fan remarked: “The guy [Greg] pours his heart out, and she still is sitting there with a blank face.”

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