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‘The Bachelorette’ Alum, Jason Tartick Hit By a Car While Walking His Dogs!

The Bachelorette’ alum who may be better known as soon-to-be Mr. Kaitlyn Bristowe was hit by a car on last weekend while walking his dogs.

Jason, and the dogs, are fine and Jason took to social media to send out a PSA, reminding pedestrians to stay vigilant when using crosswalks–especially at night, and drivers to obey traffic signals
“So much for a relaxing night after golf…” the 32 year old captioned his Instagram video, “ALWAYS BE CAREFUL on crosswalks! Pinot and I are beyond fortunate to walk away from that unscathed ?.”

‘The Bachelorette’ alum , Jason Tartick Hit By a Car While Walking His Dogs

The video then detailed the ordeal, with Jason as narrator and by the sounds of it, both Jason and his dog, Pinot are extremely luck to be around to tell the tale.
Jason describes his nighttime stroll with his fiancée, Kaitlyn and their two fur babies, Ramen and Pinot.

Kaitlyn was ahead with Ramen while Jason and Pinot were waiting for the crosswalk light to change. It did, the pair began crossing and a minivan failed to stop at the red light, slamming on his brakes and side swiping Jason, who with quick thinking and reflexes, pulled Pinot out of the way to safety. Jason took the brunt of the hit on his right side.
Talk about a terrifying nightly stroll!
The New York native then warned folks to always be vigilant on crosswalks, even if they have a walk light, or they, too, may have their very own butt-shaped dent on the hood of a car.
Though Jason said the driver was truly apologetic, it doesn’t mean the accident was any less startling. Jason did end up filing a police report, just in case there were any more serious injuries he didn’t feel while in shock.
“I’m so fortunate that I was just bruised,” he told his Instagram followers. “My right leg’s bruised and my right, like, butt is sore. But that’s it. [I’m] the luckiest in the world.”
Jason said feels he had a guardian angel looking after both himself and Pinot. We’re sure Kaitlyn (and Ramen) feel the same way.

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