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The Bachelor: Blake Horstmann’s Relationship Status Update

In Bachelor Nation, there are a lot of “ones who got away” and one former cast member, Becca Kufrin could feel this way about Blake Horstmann. There have been a lot of questions about these two ever since Becca became single in 2020.

She and her boyfriend, Garrett Yrigoyen broke up after dating for two years. Now that Becca is set to be on Bachelor in Paradise this season, many viewers think that this could be a great chance for Blake to get back into her life. He will also be in Mexico with the crew. Will this mean love for these two singles?

Bachelor Nation: Blake Horstmann’s Relationship Status

Blake recently appeared on a podcast called Reality Life with Kate Casey and he opened up to the listeners about what was next for Bachelor In Paradise.

He told Kate, “It’s going to be interesting. So, you know, we did kind of chat here and there. And we were back in touch within the last like six months. And it kind of came down to if she was going to Paradise or not, you know?” Blake and Becca do have a little bit of history. They were both on the Bachelorette for season 14 and this is when Becca gave Garrett the rose instead of Blake. Could there be more tension between these two in Paradise?

He went on to talk more about Becca and Garrett, “I always thought they’d never break up. So, like, I completely per her out of my head. It was never something like a ‘when they break up’ because I never thought they would. When they did, it was like this weight thing of like, well, I wonder if there’s anything still there? I would be willing to talk, of course. But we’ll see how Paradise works out because she’s going to Paradise. And I don’t know. You know that that show can change you and those producers get a hold of you. The show doesn’t like me. The show doesn’t want to see us together.”

Fans have been cheering for Blake to be the next Bachelor, but if all goes well in Paradise, we hope that he will find love there instead. All we can do is keep our fingers crossed for these singles and hope that they come together once again.

You can keep an eye on Bachelor in Paradise as it begins on ABC in a few weeks.

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