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Tarek El Moussa And Christina Haack Resume Filming After Blow Up

While there’s no doubt that working with your significant other has got to be difficult at times, working with your ex has to be ten times worse.

If there’s one person who knows exactly how that feels, it’s Christina Haack, who unfortunately experienced the wrath of her ex-husband Tarek El Moussa’s verbal tirade last month while on the set of their HGTV show, “Flip or Flop.” Luckily, they’ve managed to put the dust up behind them and have resumed filming the show. Here’s what you need to know.

According to People Magazine, both Tarek and Christina have started filming together again as they both shared photos from the set on the same day.

This is good news, as the last time they were on set together Tarek allegedly lost it when he didn’t like the way Christina signaled that it was time for them to get back to work. TMZ reported that Tarek went on a verbal tirade directed towards his ex-wife and it wasn’t pretty. Tarek said that he “made” Christina, called her a washed-up loser and said that he enjoys watching her fail.

Tarek El Moussa And Christina Haack Resume Filming After Blow Up

He also screamed, “Look at me, look at me, look at me. It’s called winning” and capped off his rant by screaming at her … “The world knows you’re crazy!”

This all comes after Christina recently admitted to smoking toad venom with her new boyfriend Joshua Hall. One source close to the situation says Tarek’s anger towards Christina stems from her recent admission and that his concern is for the safety of their two children. The insider says that because they are two exes that are also working so closely together, there would be tension from time to time, and this time happened to be one of them.

Thankfully, Christina is choosing to focus on the positive as she posted a new photo with her boyfriend, Joshua Hall, and called him her “ride or die” shortly after Tarek’s tirade. She also suggested to her fans that they shouldn’t make any “judgements or assumptions.”

The reality television star wrote, “Some people are lucky enough to get forever the first time but no one should be shamed for things not working out and no one knows what goes on behind closed doors – remember that before making judgements and assumptions… and this woman / mama is still lucky enough to have this man choose me.”

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