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Sister Wives: Janelle Brown and Her Visitors

On Sister Wives, we have met Janelle Brown and her plural family. She recently moved into her new RV on the land at Coyote Pass. The lease on her house was up and she had to do what was easiest. It was really hard for her to find a rental home, so her newest adventure is living in an RV. She is now showing off her new place on social media, but she is also showing her newest houseguest.

Sister Wives: Janelle Loves The RV

Janelle really is warming up to her new home. She is finding out that there are some new ways of living and her lifestyle is pretty nonconventional right now. She was surprised to see that even one of the stores near her, Walmart, has an entire aisle that is dedicated to RV life and they carry a wide array of products for those who live in RVs.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown and Her Visitors

She was quick to share some of her favorite products with her fans, including the water hoses, biodegradable toilet paper, and other housewares. She was very happy to tell her fans, especially those who live in RVs, that Walmart really has surprised her with these products.

Kody Brown got a chance to help her out with her RV life shopping as well. She told her fans that she made him a “honey-do” list and part of that was to install a shower head for her in the RV.

Janelle posted a picture of the aisle at Walmart with the items and captioned it, “Where I always checked out the housewares I now always have to check out the RV section at the big stores I visit. Never know what you will find. Today I found some new shower heads that are supposed to give better pressure and use less water. Can’t wait to install them (well have Kody install them).”

It does seem that Kody is still in Janelle’s life and they are still going strong. She is also excited that she can dog-sit her son’s dog, Obi for a few weeks. She felt like she needed the company and he will be a nice change of pace for her. She has started to post more pictures of them together and it looks like having a dog around is a winning combination for her.

Keep an eye on Janelle‘s newly updated photos and see what antics she and Obi get into while she is watching him.

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