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Bill Gates

Microsoft Mogul Bill Gates Expresses Deep Sadness Following Unexpected Divorce From Melinda Gates

Bill Gates

Bill Gates has spoken about how he has been feeling amid his divorce from his long-time lover Melinda Gates.

Microsoft Mogul Bill Gates Expresses His Deep Sadness Following His Divorce From Melinda Gates

The billionaire, best known for his Microsoft days, shocked the world when he announced that he would be breaking up from Melinda after 27 years of being married. While money is not going to be a problem in the settlement, given that both have lucrative ventures in their own right, the pandemic has not made it any easier.

During an interview on CNN, Bill revealed how he felt a deep sadness about it all. He said: “Definitely a very sad milestone … and Melinda’s a great person and that partnership that we had coming to an end is a source of great personal sadness.” Nevertheless, that does not mean they will not be in each other’s lives: Far from it.

During the course of their marriage, they raised three children together. Naturally, they will always share a strong bond together. Not only that, they have vowed to continue working together as part of their Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. He added: “We are communicating and working at the Foundation, and so that partnership we’re going to try and continue. Melinda has incredible strengths…We always enjoyed our work together.”

Despite the huge money that is involved in the divorce, we cannot expect to see a bitter divorce battle. Janet A. George, who happens to be a well-renowned divorce attorney, spoke on how the pair most likely signed an agreement that would distribute their assets equitably between them.

That has the added benefit of not only avoiding things spilling out into the media, but in doing so, they can continue to work on future projects together. Janet’s following comments confirmed as much: “What that means is there’s not going to be any dispute about how property is divided. And that is how I would expect Bill and Melinda Gates to handle this.”

Bill and Melinda are not getting any younger, so the prospect of them getting married again to someone else is most unlikely. It will be interesting to see what the future will pan out like.

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