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Bachelor in Paradise: Raven Gates and Pregnancy



We love when cast members of Bachelor Nation shows end up married and pregnant! The newest expectant mother is Raven Gates. Raven and her husband, Adam Gottschalk announced about four months ago that they were getting married and now they are having a baby!

Raven told her fans, “It’s so exciting. We found out right after the wedding. I’ve wanted to be a mom for a long time. And I always imagined creating a family with someone I love so much. And expanding my love with Adam into a human, I can’t even imagine!”

Bachelor in Paradise: Raven Gates and Pregnancy

So far, Raven has told her fans that she is having some aversions to certain food and she feels tired all the time. Her energy levels are very low and she said this trimester has been very tough on her and her body. If you missed Bachelor In Paradise in 2017, you missed how Raven and Adam met.

They got really close and fell hard for one another on the show. Adam is extremely excited about the baby and told fans, “It’s all great and I’m excited, but I’m also glad the baby doesn’t come right away. I have nine months to get ready!”

Although, they haven’t found out the gender of the baby yet, they are very excited to see what happens. They are more concerned about a healthy baby and they do want to do some genetic testing. “Adam and I both agreed that we wanted to do genetic testing. We wanted to have as much knowledge as possible about issues that may come up or diseases we may be carrying. It’s really important. And it was super easy.”

Raven and Adam aren’t’ the only Bachelor Nation alumni to share news that they are expecting. Ashley Iaconetti from Bachelor in Paradise also announced that she is expecting her first baby with her husband, Jared Haibon. Raven added, “Ashley and I have been DMing each other about all things baby. We’re going through different things. And we’re not due that far apart!”

We are so excited for all of the new Bachelor Nation babies that we will get to meet in nine months! We wish all of the expectant parents the best of luck through their pregnancies.

You can keep up with Raven and Adam on their Instagram accounts and look for updates on their journey to parenthood. We cannot wait to see the new baby!

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