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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Jenny and Sumit’s fight is real – but so is the relationship

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal there was a fantastic fight between Sumit and his American fiance, Jenny Slatten. Apparently, Sumit is still reluctant to marry Jenny even though he is now divorced, and has been divorced, from his ex-wife for awhile now.

Apparently his Mom is still making things difficult, probably still making suicide threats like she was last season because it’s so horrible that poor Sumit would want to marry a woman that was past child-bearing age. (This woman seems to forget she has two sons and that one of them is married to a woman who can provide him with kids but I guess he’s not the favorite. I digress.)

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Jenny and Sumit’s fight is real – but so is the relationship

In the fight, Jenny said that “I came to India to marry you so that i would never have to leave India again! I can’t keep leaving every six months to renew my Visa!” which is basically what is happening.

Also, it’s in the middle of a pandemic so travel of any kind is going to be a major pain. Jenny can probably stay with her daughter when she goes back and forth from the US to India but seriously, traveling to and from a COVID-ravaged country during these times?

I do not envy her. Sumit smply tells her, “I cannot change the situation.”, which we’re assuming means the one with his Mom and the thing about the marriage. Jenny screams, “That’s it!” and tosses a chair on her way out.

Are Jenny and Sumit through? Nope! According to social media, they are still very happy together, but according to Sumit their fight was very real too. He commented to one user that couples fight as well as share joy together, which is true. It just kind of amazes the fandom as to just how much these people are willing to put up with out of each other at times.

There have also been hints from Sumit that he and Jenny are still together but are no  longer in India, rather, they are in America. One could definitely see where that would be easier, they would be out of the way of Sumit’s shrieking shrew of a Mom and they could finally live their own life together, happy, in the land of the free – but we’ll see how this season goes. Stay tuned!!!

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