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‘The Bachelorette’: Michael Allio Self Eliminates and Bachelor Nation is NOT Okay!

‘The Bachelorette’ spoilers find that even though the majority of this week’s episode was a Men Tell All, it bucked the traditional format to start the show with contestant Michael Allio, a widowed father from Ohio and front runner in the show speaking with his son from the mansion  on Facetime.

After trying to explain to his young son, James he was “away for work” and would be home soon, the little boy broke hearts the country over by saying “Maybe Dad left because he don’t want to see me.”

‘The Bachelorette’: Michael Allio Self Eliminates and Bachelor Nation is NOT Okay.

Understandably Michael broke down in tears after the call, with producers breaking the fourth wall to swoop in and hug the distraught man. No one could blame him for rushing home to his son, but it did mean a painful break-up with lead, Katie Thurston first.

Because Katie has a heart and isn’t a vapid, selfish troll (hey, I didn’t call Queen Victoria by name…oh, whoops), she had to agree graciously to let Michael go and be with his son and tears were shed by…well, pretty much everyone.

To deal with their broken hearts, Bachelor Nation took to Twitter and expressed their pain.


And yes, Bachelor Nation knows how to be dramatic, on and off the camera


Then, minutes after seeing Michael leave Katie (and viewers) in a pool of tears, he appears back on screens for the Tell All…where they made us relive the break up AGAIN!

Obviously Michael A. won EVERYONE’s heart, which usually means he’s a sure thing to be name as the next Bachelor, something MANY viewers or future contestants are very happy about.

For some reason, though, we don’t see Michael A. doing that to himself, even if his son could be in the Bachelor mansion with him.

For now all we can do is watch the rest of Katie’s season play out and somehow hope, when she cruelly rebuffed Michael A re-shooting his shot, it was all for show and somehow he (and son, James) make a return to sweep Katie off her feet at the end of it all.

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