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Simone Biles Pulls Out of Olympic Team Competition

If you were looking forward to seeing Simone Biles compete in the Olympic Team finals tonight then you will be sorely disappointed because it looks like the athlete has pulled out of the team competition citing her mental health as the reason why.

She said in a press conference that while she could have pulled one out for the team that her head just wasn’t in the game and she didn’t want to ruin the entire team’s chance for a gold medal, so she decided that she was just going to pull out instead.

Simone Biles pulls out of Olympic Team competition

Yes, we’re all disappointed, yes, we we were all rooting for her and we still are, there is still the individual competitions after all and she hasn’t pulled out of those competitions so far that we know of. 

However, I think we can all relate to a moment in time in which we knew we were not mentally our strongest and should have just called it quits while we were ahead, but pushed forward anyway.

It takes strength and maturity for Biles to recognize that while she may be an Olympian, she is not a god, and she is not perfect, and sometimes you just have to take a step back and say, “Not this time.” 2020 was a hard year on everyone, and you could tell during the qualifying round that Biles was having trouble being her normally awesome self.

She wasn’t landing her dismounts and seemed a little shaky, whether that be from nerves orbthe ever mounting pressure from all the media outlets continually stating that she was the best in the world, we may never know.

But we do know that it’s okay to admit that you have limits, because even olympians do. Simone just did a lot for little girls everywhere to know that sometimes its okay to let the world down because in the end it will keep on spinning. Could Biles have won that team gold medal for the USA?

Possibly, but gymnastics is and always will be a dangerous sport so if her head was not fully in the game I would have rather she pulled out and not risked getting physically hurt than “winning one for the gipper” and ending up with a lifetime injury. Hey, it could happen. We’re still rooting for the other ladies on the team, and for Simone too. Stay tuned!!!

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