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‘Dancing With The Stars’: Shawn Johnson East’s Daughter Has An Ear Infection

Shawn Johnson East has spoken about her daughter Drew’s struggles to overcome an intolerable ear infection.   

‘Dancing With The Stars’: Shawn Johnson East’s Daughter Has An Ear Infection

This is going to be a major challenge for her, given that she recently welcomed her newborn son in March this year with her husband, Andrew East. Naturally, that has put a dampener on the couple’s parental journey.

In a post to her fans on Instagram, she shared a picture of herself with Andrew and their daughter. They are all lying on the bed, with smiles on their faces. The post was captioned with the following comments: “Healing prayers to my baby girl, pretty please. She’s been hit hard with a bad ear infection and [respiratory syncytial virus].”

The news was also very sad for Drew, given that she could not play with her younger brother. Due to the rise of the pandemic, doctors advised them to self-isolate from Drew and her brother in order to avoid the potential for any covid symptoms.

While that was what they were told to do, it was easier said than done. And so it showed, as Shawn found it very difficult to cope with the thought of being apart from Drew. She added: “Baby girl update. She’s now staying with Gramma and Grampa. Had some of the hardest and most emotional days of my life. But isolating from Drew. I would just hear her cry for ‘mama’, and my soul would crush.”

Nevertheless, Drew did start to make a massive improvement. Shawn stated how her grandparents often spoil her kids, which had the added bonus of them being able to do that with Drew.

And the results were there for all to see, as Drew was almost back to her usual self. As such, Shawn thanked everyone, including the fans, for their support. She continued: “[She’s] on the right medications now so getting better, and was actually able to get some sleep last night. Thank you for your prayers.”

It is great to see Shawn having her family rally around her during these difficult times. And as for Drew, we wish her the best in her recovery going forward.

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