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Britney Spears’ 911 Call To the Ventura County Police Department For Conservatorship Abuse!

Recently, Britney Spears testified in a court of law against her Father and basically her entire family saying that they were abusing the power they hold over her through this 13 year long conservatorship. Even her heartfelt pleas did not sway the opinion of Judge Brenda Penney who struck down her months old appeal to have father Jamie Spears removed as co-conservator, but apparently the petition to the court has not actually been filed yet and just drawn up.

Her lawyer, Sam Ingham has again dragged his feet on the process which isn’t surprising. But some more disturbing news has come to light in the Britney Spears case.

Britney’s 911 call

Apparently the day before her testimony, Britney called the Ventura County 911 to report herself as being a victim of conservatorship abuse! Now, we can all agree when things get so bad that one has to get 911 involved for self preservation purposes, things have gone too far.

Also, one had to question just what on earth was going on to warrant the involvement of 911 in the first place. Were they trying to bully her into silence? Unfortunately we won’t know the contents of the call because they were sealed by authorities amid an ongoing investigation.

What ongoing investigation? The only one we know about going on right now is the one that Jamie Spears launched into her conservatorship after he allegedly “found out” that his daughter was on birth control that she didn’t want to be on.

He claims that he has not had full control of his daughter’s conservatorship since 2018 when his own health started failing and a lot of the decisions made in the last 2 years were the decisions made by Jodi Montgomery. However Britney sang a different tune and said that her Father knew about everything going on and now that we know that she called 911 the day before to report herself being in danger I think we know just how grave things are.

They said that the Ventura county police did show up at Britney’s house as per her request but it seems that they’re doing their job as police officers and not commenting on the situation that they found the singer in.

It bodes well for Britney and does give her a stronger case if she is ever allowed to get her own attorney who isn’ t so, shall we say, limp-wristed. But in the meantime the petition to get this conservatorship removed entirely has yet to be filed.

When is it going to be enough? When Britney’s just a sad headline because the strain and pressure of living under the  tyrannical rule because of an emotional breakdown she had when she was in her mid-20’s? Most people get to chalk that up to a quarter life crisis and move on with their lives. They don’t have to live among their triggers daily for 13 years!

Also, if Britney were really being plagued with dementia as her quack doctor said she was, then she would not have the presence of mind to dial a phone or do anything for herself. As we can see from her testimony, that is not the case. FreeBritney already!!! Stay tuned!!!

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