’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Libby Should Have Kept Her Mouth Shut

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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers finds that Libby Potthast Castravet can act like a victim all she wants but she is the one who keeps feeding the fire and literally telling her siblings exactly what’s going on with her, her Dad, and  hubby Andrei Castravet.

Now Becky and Jenn think that Libby and Andrei are trying to screw them over and take ‘food out of their mouths’ by trying to get ahead and trying to do a deal with Chuck.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Libby should have kept her mouth shut

When each of them already has their own piece of the pie and have a job within the Potthast family business that aren’t in jeopardy at all from what we can see, not even party boy Charlie is in danger of being let go because as problematic as Chuck is, let’s face it, he loves his kids, all of them. Even if he does want them to fight to the death for his affections, he loves them and wants them provided for.

He, Andrei and Libby had what seemed to be a good thing going when it was just those three discussing doing a property together, but then Libby had to go and play telephone with her sisters and tell them all about what Dad and Andrei were ging to do and of course that started the conversation all over again.

Libby could have stuck to a conversation about the kids, about Eleanor, she could have discussed the family reunion at length, or even the fight that she and Andrei had over the babysitter, but no, she had to bring up the family business again!

None of them, not one Potthast family member, will let this go and let it just die down. Even though it’s clear to see that no one (except for maybe Charlie, but that’s his own fault for partying so hard) is hurting for money in this situation, and everyone, at least right now, has their own slice of the pie and they should be content with it but greed and no literal common sense is holding this family back from being likeable.

On one hand it’s admirable that Libby wouldn’t want to lie to her sisters, on the other hand… she’s amazingly stupid for not doing so. Stay tuned!!!

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