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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Abuse Rumors Between Tiffany Smith and Ronald Franco On Happily Ever After?

On TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Ronald Smith and Tiffany Franco are having a tough go at their marriage. They have been posting back and forth on social media about how much they dislike the other, but fans of the show are pretty much over it.

They think they are faking it all just for the money and fame, but now there are rumors that abuse could be involved. This is now the third time that they have split up and could this be it for the 90 Day Fiancé couple?

’90 Day Fiancé’: Social Media Mixed Messages

Fans started to notice some cryptic post from both Tiffany and Ronald. His began on July 3. This is his daughter’s birthday and he posted, “And that’s true NO NONE ZERO words to say about today… #notsurprisedtho #nocomment.”

He turned off the comments to this post and fans were very confused about what he was talking about. On July 5, Tiffany shared a picture that had Ronald cut out of it. She captioned it, “I cut him out of the picture because it’s not a good picture of him… Not trying to insinuate anything. Relax everyone.”

Just when we all thought that the couple was doing fine, July 6 came and things got worse. Tiffany shared some private messages between her and Ronald on social media and she captioned them, “You think things are messy? They are about to get a whole lot messier.” Ronald told her that he just wanted to see the kids and he was pretty much “done” being with her.

Then he said, “You can say I’m cheating. You are the one lying about the visa.” He made the claim that she was the one who hadn’t even started the paperwork yet and that she was telling everyone that they were still waiting on the process!

Tiffany then wrote on her Instagram Story, “Emotional abuse leaves scars that you’ll never see. I’ve gone through enough for a whole life together and I’ve had to stay quiet.”

Ronald came back with, “She basically told me everything is submitted, everything is done, I’m going to be with my family soon. I found out she lied.. I lost my s**t and you know what? She says I treated her bad… Let me just calm down for a second because I’m so upset thinking she played me for a fool and she literally made me believe I’m going to be with my family soon. She’s complaining she’s alone and she’s doing everything by herself, but she lied about the visa. She literally lied.”

Who knows what will happen next, but you can keep an eye on the drama on their Instagram accounts.

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