Too Large: George Covington’s Opens Up On His 700LB Weight Problem

George Covington

George Covington, who is best known for being on Too Large, has opened up on how his weight continues to have a detrimental impact on his daily life.

Too Large: George Covington’s Opens Up On His 700LB Weight Problem

The show follows the journey of various people who seek to get help from a professional surgeon by the name of Dr Charles Procter. While obesity is a well-known problem, it seems George has a very severe case. At the time he participated in the series, he weighed a reported 700lbs. And the impact of that was there for all to see.

In a clip of an episode, George is heard saying: “Nobody called me George. Everyone just described me as ‘that big guy.’ So, I was always defined by my size.” Despite the honesty of the pain George was showing, things were not made any easier for the following reasons.

First of all, George is a kindergarten teacher. Naturally, he is in a profession where children can say anything, with the expectation that the teacher should be thick-skinned. Not only that but there is an expectation on George to be very active given that he is surrounded by energetic kids. The impact of this began to take its toll.

He added: “I…appeared to be happy and jolly when deep down inside I was miserable. Food was definitely a defence mechanism. Once I became the teacher, I didn’t exercise that much…mobility really became an issue.” These insecurities quickly resonated with the parents.

They started to become concerned over the welfare of their kids and question whether George was suitable enough to be in the classroom to supervise these kids. To make matters worse, his weight was at the top of their concerns. He continued: “A lot of parents they go to the front office, and they complain about their kids being in my class. I had one parent say, ‘What if he falls on the kids?”

George has every reason to want to make a change in his appearance. He is hoping that by showing everyone just how much weight he has lost, he can win over his ex-lover too. We will have to see how it all plays out.If you liked reading this article, then check out our other features on the Daily Soap Dish

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