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TLC ’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Kalani Faagata’s Dad Low Had the Right Idea For Asuelu Pulaa!

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers indicate that Low Faagaata had the right idea when he took son-in-law Asuelu Puulaa out for a golfing trip. First he made sure he was at-ease with him, and then he brought up the issue of his relationship with Kalani, golf-club in hand of course.

Asuelu didn’t realize just how close he was to losing his wife and kids until his Father-in-Law brought it up to him. Kalani has been trying to discuss things with Asuelu for awhile now, but every time she does, he blows up. It took Low actually bringing the issue to the table for Asuelu to actually listen to what Kalani is saying.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Low had the right idea

Perhaps, just perhaps, this is a cultural thing, Maybe in Asuelu’s family, no issues were a big deal until Dad brought the issue to the table. (Although, knowing how domineering Asuelu’s Mother is, I somehow doubt that this is the case.) When Low talked to Kalani we had our doubts about who’s side he was originally on, but we see now that he was just setting things up for his talk with Asuelu.

He didn’t hesitate to tell Asuelu that both wife and husband must be on the same page in a marriage, which totally implied that it’s not just Kalani’s job to fall in line, it’s his too and he needs to step up his game before he loses everything.

It’s safe to say that Low got Asuelu’s attention, the only thing I worry for is how Asuelu’s going to discuss this with Kalani. I think we’re all over the pathetic school-boy tears, I’m just hoping that this doesn’t escalate into something that’s out of control because Kalani doesn’t deserve that for simply not discussing things with Asuelu.

She was leading up to it, it wasn’t that she was deliberately trying to hide things from him, she was giving him time to straighten up before she dropped the bomb on him and that’s perfectly fair. However, how Asuelu’s giong to ultimately take this is anyone’s guess, and I’m willing to hedge my bets somewhere in between ‘not good’ and ‘disasterous’. Stay tuned!!!

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