‘The Bachelor’: Rachel Lindsay Gives Her Take On Chris Harrison’s Departure

Rachel Lindsay 

Rachel Lindsay has opened up on the shocking news that Chris Harrison will no longer return to the franchise, as the host made his exit permanent. 

‘The Bachelor’: Rachel Lindsay Gives Her Take On Chris Harrison’s Departure

Chris had decided to walk away after the backlash he had received over the response he gave to the Rachael Kirkconnell scandal. Rachel, for her part, was at the heart of it as she criticised Chris’ perceived lack of condemnation against Rachael’s comments. And yet, the news of his departure was still unforeseen.

During an appearance on Extra, Rachel said: “I gotta say, I am [shocked]. I wasn’t expecting for it to happen, not after the announcement.” The news was particularly out of the blue, as Chris had expressed his desire to return. His cause had even been helped by Rachel, who had come out and said she had patched things up with Chris.

But with Chris having walked away, the spotlight may be thrown on Rachel for the following reasons: First of all, she had been blamed for encouraging the backlash against Chris as she had criticised the host’s comments at the time. Secondly, she had placed more emphasis on condemning Chris rather than coming up with a practical solution.  

Nevertheless, Chris did have a hand in how he wanted to leave. The host had demanded a huge payout in order to make him walk away in peace. While it is unclear how much Chris had been paid, he was given a substantial sum in light of the information he had. A source told Page Six the following:  “He knows a lot about inappropriate behaviour on set.

“Fights between contestants, misbehaviour including use of illegal substances while overseas and complaints from producers that were allegedly brushed under the carpet by ABC execs.” Regardless of who was to blame for Chris’ departure, there is no denying that he made a significant contribution to the show.

He had been presenting the franchise for almost 20 years and forged such a strong connection with the fans. But with a new chapter on the horizon, Chris will be looking to put his Bachelor days behind him. And we wish him the best with his future endeavours. 

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