‘The Bachelor’: Matt James And Rachael Kirkconnell Argue Over Burger And Fries

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell’s arguments have been played out in the open, but now it seems we have another drama to add to the previous list.

‘The Bachelor’: Matt James And Rachael Kirkconnell Argue Over Burger And Fries

The pair decided to split initially after Matt could not handle Rachael’s prior social media activity that was deemed to be perpetuating racism. While the two have reconciled since then, their history of disputes has continued in the same vein. Not to worry though, this time, it was over a trivial matter.

The pair were having a little argument after Matt decided to order some food without asking Rachael. This was a major mishap for several reasons. First of all, it did not make it any easier given the fact that Matt was eating right in front of Rachael. Secondly, the dispute became exacerbated by Rachael’s response.

In a post to his fans on Instagram, Matt shared the encounter playing out in his car. In response to Matt’s eating, Rachael remarked: “You’ve eaten today — I haven’t. This should have been our second stop. You’re mean. You didn’t even ask.” Matt, for his defence, was clearly trying to tease Rachael.

There is no denying that the couple have chemistry together, and it can only be viewed as a wider part of trying to improve Rachel’s image in light of her previous scandal. That did not mean that Matt stopped teasing her. In fact, it is understandable why Rachael was riled. From the outset, he stated: “You mad?!!LMAOOO! Hangryyy.”

Before things blew out into a full-hearted argument, Matt did give Rachael a share of his food. In the picture, we can see a selection of fast food. This includes fries/burgers, as the duo are looking at each other with the food becoming more tantalising by the minute. And Rachael made sure that she had the last laugh.

She replied: “HE DIDNT EVEN ASK ME IF I WANTED ONE. Called in two burgers for himself after I had been waiting ALL DAY for food. Offered me one of his, which had MAYO AND TOMATO !!!! I couldn’t.” The couple are enjoying their time together, but if there is anything that we have learnt, Matt should ask Rachael before putting in his order.

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