‘The Bachelor’: Ali Fedotowsky Has Been Diagnosed With Anaemia

Ali Fedotowsky’s list of health issues has continued, with the news that she has been diagnosed with anaemia. 

‘The Bachelor’: Ali Fedotowsky Has Been Diagnosed With Anaemia

The former star of The Bachelor is no stranger to suffering from health scares. Just last year, she stated how she had been diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma. This is a form of skin cancer, if left untreated can cause some serious harm. At the time, she admitted: “When my dermatologist used the c-word, I just about fainted in his office.”

Luckily, though, her latest diagnosis can finally put an end to why Ali felt so exhausted. In a post to her fans on Instagram, she revealed how she is leaving no stone unturned in her quest for better health. She said: “It feels like it has been one thing after another… So I ended up going to the doctor, got a bunch of blood work done, testing everything under the sun.

“After getting all this blood work done, it turns out I am super anaemic.” Despite suffering from the condition, Ali has been managing to cope with the challenges that come with being a parent. Ali, for her part, is a mother of two children: Molly and Riley. And her social media activity demonstrates how they are keeping her very busy.

While she has the support of her husband, Kevin Manno, the doctors were shocked at how active Ali had been. She added: “My ferritin levels, which is how your blood stores iron, are basically zero, so my doctor’s like, ‘Um, no wonder you’re exhausted all the time. Like, I’m surprised you’re out and about.” Nevertheless, she has taken the doctor’s orders very seriously and vowed to take some time off.

In the meantime, she admitted that she would be changing her supplements in order to get back to her usual self. She continued: “[I am on iron supplements.] I’m excited about that. But anyway, so that’s what’s going on with me.” Let us hope that Ali can make a full recovery for the sake of her kids, and the fans will be there every step of the way to make sure that she is okay.

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