Shaun White Looking To Recreate His First Date On His Anniversary With Nina Dobrev

Shaun White and Nina Dobrev

Shaun White has opened up on how he intends to make his upcoming anniversary with Nina Dobrev one to remember. 

Shaun White Looking To Recreate His First Date On His Anniversary With Nina Dobrev

The duo first hooked up together in 2020, and there were eyebrows raised over their differing backgrounds. Shaun, for his part, is an Olympic-gold-medal-winning snowboarder. In contrast, Nina is an actress. And yet, the pandemic brought them closer at a time where the world was being plagued by mass uncertainty.

As a way to mark their relationship, Shaun is hoping to recreate some happy memories. In an interview with Us Weekly, Shaun said: “I wanted to recreate our first date, but everything was closed. I managed to sweet-talk the owner of the place to open up for us. It was actually pretty fun to have a place all to ourselves.”

It seems the pair have more in common than first meets the eye. Nina grew up in Canada, which gave her plenty of opportunities to experience the snow. And much like Shaun, she made good use of that-albeit not to an Olympic level. So when they met each other, they found that they were very similar characters.

He added: “My sport of snowboarding is outdoors and…she was pretty pro already, I [didn’t] know about the skateboarding front, but…she’s pretty talented on the snowboard.” But it was not just Nina who enjoyed doing what Shuan did. The same applied the other way round. Shaun admitted that he ended up checking out Nina’s time on The Vampire Diaries.

And what initially started out as a case of curiosity ended up with him becoming addicted to the show. Nevertheless, if his following comments are anything to go by, then he had no regrets. He continued: “As we were getting to know each other, I was like, ‘Oh, I should check this show out. There’s a lot of episodes….These are, like, 23 episodes a season. And I was in it!”

With the anniversary only a short time away, Shaun will have to make sure that everything is prepared. But given what he has already revealed, he will have no problems in pulling off a day to remember.

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