Ryan Sutter Overcomes Lyme Disease To Graduate As A Firefighter

Ryan Sutter

Ryan Sutter has shown the world just how much of a brave man he is with the news that the star has graduated and become a firefighter.

Ryan Sutter Overcomes Lyme Disease To Graduate As A Firefighter

The news is more profound, given the circumstances in which it all happened. Ryan had been bedridden for a prolonged period due to the onset of a mystery illness. Matters were made much worse, given that the doctors could not pinpoint the exact cause. And with the family, in particular his wife Trista Sutter, becoming increasingly worried, their fears were allayed when doctors confirmed it was Lyme Disease.

In a post to his fans on Instagram, we can see a picture of Ryan dressed in his firefighter uniform alongside his wife and kids. They are all smiling with such happiness on their faces. The post was captioned by the following comments: “It was not an easy year or perfect process. It was hard – intentionally so. But it’s in the books now, and, with the undying support of my family, I made it – we made it!”

Ryan is dedicated to his career, as it is more than just a job. He previously qualified as a firefighter, but he had to go through the training once again because he had moved states. While the disease hindered him for a time, his efforts were heroic. Ryan finished second in his class, despite having an illness as well as completing everything during the chaos caused by the pandemic.

And yet, looking back on it all, Ryan would not have changed anything at all. He added: “There is a price that must be paid for almost everything great in life. But when the reward is a purposeful existence doing what you love with people you admire and respect, it’s worth it every time.”

Ryan should be commended, and rightly so, but there must also be some respect paid to the family. Trista had been there right by his side, and even though she did begin to crack in the earlier parts of Ryan’s illness, he praised her role in keeping everyone intact. He continued: “Thank you @tristasutter Max and Blakesley [his two kids]. I truly could not have done this without you.”

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