ABC ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: The Truth About Austin – What we know, and what Roger Howarth Revealed About His New Role!

ABC ‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers reveal Roger Howarth recently returned to Port Charles, but with a different name. His new character, Austin, has been a mystery.

On Tuesday’s episode, we got a little more insight into his character, as well as more mystery. Let’s take a look at what we know, what the actor revealed to Soap Opera Digest about the part, and where we think this might go.

ABC ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: What we know

First, ‘General Hospital’ spoilers reveal he is a doctor. Although we don’t know the exact type, we do know he helped reset someone’s femur after a tractor accident. We also know he’s a big hiker, and doesn’t much care for “big city” types. That’s actually one of the best moments yet with the character.

We loved watching him point out the cynicism in Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) and Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) is the reason he chooses not to live in a city. We can totally relate at times.

We also know he must do quite well for himself, as he owns quite a few properties, including the one Not-Chloe Jennings (Kimberly J. Brown) took Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) to. He even has a property management company—allegedly—to handle it all for him.

ABC ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: The speculation

So far, we have no last name for Austin. But fans and others are speculating he could be a member of one of Port Charles’ influential families—either the Quartermaine family, or the Corinthos family.

If we had to pick between the two, we’d say he’s likely more connected to the Corinthos family. One of the first strange moments with Austin was when he did a double-take at seeing the name Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) listed on one of the hospital wings.

Then, Tuesday’s episode featured him seeing a newsfeed alert about the ELQ board meeting, which asked whether Michael would be back in the CEO position.

The look on his face as he looked at the headline gave us a bit of an antagonistic vibe, but we are wondering if he’s more curious about that name that keeps popping up. Like, maybe he’s heard it before. Maybe even knows about this possible other family. We’ll see.

ABC ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: On a new character

As for Howarth, he spoke to Soap Opera Digest about the role. He teased there’s some great story coming, although he admits to still being in the “feel the character out” phase. He admits to being hit-or-miss with differentiating Austin from his former character, Franco Baldwin.

We definitely agree, as we have gotten some Goofy!Franco vibes from his performance. However, the actor spoke about being excited and grateful for this new challenge and how he feels about his other former character, Todd Manning.

Check the article out to learn more, as well as how Howarth spent his downtime from GH. We’re loving that he chose to do something charitable, yet also fun for fans.

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