’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Nicole Nafziger’s BF Azan Tefou Charges $110 To Connect With Fans On Cameo!

When we first saw Azan Tefou on 90 Day Fiancé, he was engaged to Nicole Nafziger. The couple met online and although they are very different, they made quite the love connection. No one thought that they would last and even some viewers thought that they had faked the whole thing to get on television.

After spending months in Morocco with Azan during the pandemic outbreak, Nicole’s fans got a little concerned for her daughter. Upon her return, it looked as if she and Azan had broken up for good. Now, Azan’s fans are giving him a little more attention than usual and it is all about his Cameo prices.

’90 Day Fiancé’: Making Money on Cameo

Cameo is a new way for celebrities to make money and get to talk to their fans. They record messages and chats to their fans and get paid out pretty well if enough fans want to receive a Cameo.

Azan has started using Cameo as a way to make more money and his followers on social media have mixed reviews about it. There were rumors going around that he had died, but clearly those rumors aer not true since he is making Cameos for his fans.

When Nicole and Azan were dating, she was working multiple jobs to try and save up the money for Azan to get his K-1 visa. When she admitted to giving him $6,000 to open a beauty store, her fans turned on her quickly and made sure to tell her that she had made a very big mistake.

Even Nicole’s father made claims that Azan was just using her and her family’s money for his business ventures, but they never saw proof that he had started any businesses.

Even though Nicole has been working at Stabucks as a barista, we haven’t seen Azan mention any type of job lately. This could be the reason her decided on sending out Cameos to his fans. One Instagram account called You’re Road Chuckness posted a picture of Azan and his advertisting for the Cameos he sends to his fans. His picture says, “Connect with Azan $110.” One fan wrote, “Azan has just lost his mind!”

Who would actually pay $110 to connect with Azan? Some fans think that it is Nicole who is doing it, but she has not made any claims for or against this rumor as of yet. We will have to keep an eye on his Instagram and Cameo to see more of Azan.

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