’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Michael Ilesanmi Gives Angela Deem the Silent Treatment From Nigeria

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers indicate that Angela said that before her surgery, she and Michael used to talk on the phone all day, but now that she has had her surgery she can barely get Michael to talk to her at all. She called him and he said that he was busy so he sent her a text message.

It looks like Angela is one of those old-fashioned people who would rather talk than text, because when they were in the middle of talking (i.e., fighting) she hung up on him for… not talking to her? It didn’t exactly make any sense to me either.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Michael gives Angela the silent treatment

Meanwhile back in Nigeria, Michael went to pound yams with his relatives, I’m guessing that was a good way to get his frustrations out. The two female family members that he was helping out asked him how Angela was recovering from surgery and he said that physically she was doing fine but that they weren’t on good terms.

That led to them talking about how the surgery has affected their marriage and Michael telling his family that he’s unsure of what to do and therefore giving Angela the silent treatment. Angela, it seems, that she is determined to do whatever she wants without consulting him, and the women in Michael’s family are just not okay with that.

When he told them how much the facelift that she was planning on getting costed they hit the roof! Apparently in Nigerian money, $25,000 is equal to $11 million dollars. $11 million dollars!!! Clearly in Nigeria it doesn’t take that much money to live like a king – still! Of course Michael is still having a severe bout of baby fever and wanting to have a child with Angela.

There’s nothing wrong with that but honestly? I think if Michael was in the United States and not around his family he wouldn’t care so much about not having a family. He didn’t start salivating over having a child until they did.

They said that in Nigeria this type of thing doesn’t happen because women consult with their husbands – Angela consulted with Michael, that’s not the problem, the thing is she just made the decision for both of them before she ever got on the phone with him. He did say however that if Angela doesn’t start taking his feelings more seriously that he didn’t know if the marriage would work. Would Michael divorce Angela? Stay tuned!!!

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